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Research Article

Vitamin D Status in Soccer Players with Skeletal Muscle Injury

Gürhan Dönmez, Ş. Şeyma Torgutalp, Naila Babayeva, Melda Pelin Yargıç, Ömer Özkan, Feza Korkusuz, Mahmut Nedim Doral

Comparison of Physical Activity Levels of Elderly People Living in Rural and Urban Areas of Turkey

Tuğba Arslan, Bilge Kara, Serdar Arslan

Incidence of Injuries in Female and Male Volleyball Players - Prospective Preliminary Study

Mehmet Mesut Çelebi, Adil Aksu

The Efficacy of Kinesiology Taping in Supporting the Medial Longitudinal Arch in Patients with Unilateral Plantar Fasciitis

Banu Ordahan

Evaluation of Postural Balance and Hamstring/Quadriceps Peak Torque Ratios According to Leg Dominancy in Turkish Female Volleyball Players

Mehmet Mesut Çelebi, Cengiz Akarçeşme, Burak Ekin Dalbayrak

Case Report