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Bülent ÜLKAR

President of Turkish Sports Medicine Association

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Scientific advances pioneered, admittedly, to many other advances in modern Turkish Republic. Implementations of scientific approach in sports and sports medicine have been achieved in 1938 by the foundation of “General Directorate of Physical Training” in rather an early era compared to many other countries. Dr. Raşit Serdengeçti was the first director of “Sports Health Department” in this establishment. Therefore, he is regarded as the founder of Sports Medicine in Turkey. He had organized the first scientific meetings and delivered first scientific documents, as well.

Professor Necati Akgün has led a group of enthusiastic scientists and founded Turkish Sports Medicine Association on 20th December 1965. In less than a year, by their enormous efforts, the first issue of Turkish Journal of Sports Medicine was born to the “Scientific World” in September 1966. Following the 50 years of uninterrupted publication, online journal has been launched in 2016.

Thus, it would be possible not only to reach 50 years’ archive, but also easily and efficiently deliver the scientific papers to the Journal written both in Turkish and English.

We would like to express our appreciations and thanks to the founders, editors and scientist who ungrudgingly supported this journal and memorialize the ones who are not present at the time being.

We are dedicated to carry Turkish Journal of Sports Medicine to a more prestigious level, which is one of the oldest in its counterparts, with the supports of national and international scientists.

With kindest regards,

Bülent Ülkar, MD, Editör